5 Tips For A Better Dachshund – Know Their Temperament

Dachshund puppies attract a wider variety of owners with their comical temperament. They can be known as the clowns of the family. Loyalty is key when understanding this type of breed and makes it a great family pet. Lots of attention and games are demanded by all varieties of dachshund puppies.

Many consider these dogs to be one of the most perfectly bred hunting dogs. Obviously the size of the game you are hunting needs to be with in the dachshund puppies realm for this to be an appropriate title. The main focus of this little hunters fury were once the mighty badger. The name alone, dachshund, literally means ‘badger hunter.’ If you think about it, dachshund puppies were built for such a tall order. When a badger wakes up from his nap in that confined burrow of his, he is faced with a long snout that is equipped with many long sharp teeth. In the smallness of a burrow or tunnel the over sized ears give the dog the appearance of being larger than they really are. They are backed up with that long narrow sturdy back. The dachshunds foundation is the short powerful hind legs that make him quite formidable in tight spots. Finally, the dachshund has a long tail that enable their owners to reach down that burrow and pull out the dog if that badger sounds like he is getting the best of him.

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